ARLINGTON It was the scene of happiness for some, and heartbreak for others. And now, after years of planning, weeks of setting up, and two days full of big-time basketball, AT&T Stadium is being stripped of its Final Four fever literally.

Crews were removing NCAA decals from the stadium's exterior Tuesday and working to turn it back into a football field inside.

'It goes up a lot slower than it comes down,' said event organizer Brett Daniels.

Tuesday's job included removing some of the 16,000 chairs brought in and installed for the event.

Even though the chairs alone took nearly 12 days to be arranged, Daniels said by the end of this week, things will be back to normal. Dozens of people are working to make that happen inside and out.

And that incredible NCAA Final Four court that everyone admired so much? It was one of the first things to be packed up at 4 a.m. Tuesday, just hours after the game ended.

After the Huskies' national championship win, the University of Connecticut will have the opportunity to purchase the court for about $125,000. If they don't buy it, it'll be taken back to Idaho Falls, Idaho, stored, then re-used by the NCAA.

When all was said and done, nearly 80,000 people packed into each of the three games in Arlington, taking home with them a true taste of Texas.


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