DALLAS -- News 8 heard growing concerns Saturday from some fans attending the March Madness Music Festival who had their cars towed away.

People came downtown to have a great time at Reunion Park, but that fun quickly turned to frustration as car after car was towed from two private parking lots at the corner of Reunion and Riverfront boulevards, a few blocks away from the music venue.

There are signs posted on front of the buildings warning that it's a 'tow away zone,' and then there are smaller signs that say you must pay to park, and if you don't have a slip saying you paid on display on your car's dashboard, you're getting towed.

Some people said they didn't see those signs, nor did they anyone asking for money.

Now they're left having to pay $165 to get their cars back.

'I'm just assuming hey, this is a good spot to park, you know... everybody else is doing it... why not?' said Logan Schulte. 'Come back after the concert, a few hours later -- not even five hours later -- and my car is gone.'

So a day that was meant to be fun and free has turned into a very expensive outing for some.

Dallas police warned that if you are driving downtown, don't expect to park for free, and if you find what you think is a free spot, you may wind up getting towed.

Be sure to look for reputable lots -- or, better yet, use public transportation if you're coming downtown to see The Killers concert or will be visiting Bracket Town at the Convention Center.


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