A quick search of Craigslist turns up a couple of dozen people offering to rent rooms, homes... even dorms to basketball fans searching for a place to stay.

Backyards are also on offer for people 'who want to crash with a tent.'

Someone is willing to be 'a concierge, private chef, personal assistant, and tour guide' to the people who rent his North Dallas apartment.

And then there's the ad about the University of Texas at Arlington. A freshman boasted about her 'twin beds, hot shower, and nice bathroom'. Her dorm room all 520 square feet of it is up for rent on Craigslist.

'I'm a broke college student' so any way to bring revenue in,' she told us with a laugh. 'I'm all about small business!'

Hundreds of houses and apartments sit in the shadow of AT&T Stadium, where the Final Four games will take place. And many of the people who live there see a chance at a championship as their chance at entrepreneurship.

'About 10 minutes south of the airport, and really less than five miles from AT&T,' explained a man who didn't want his face or identity revealed, because he's not sure how his complex managers will feel about him listing his Grand Prairie apartment for rent during the Final Four weekend.

'I thought the location was perfect,' he explained.

He planning to pack up his family pictures and lock up the electronics and valuables while he lets strangers stay in his two bedroom unit. They get a clean place and he, kind of, cleans up.

'I'd put it on there for four days, for a thousand dollars. But a lot of people want to stay five. They don't want to fly out Monday night after the championship game... they want through Tuesday at noon. So I went up to thirteen,' he said, meaning $1,300.

He said he had takers, but they backed out. He thinks people are worried about his offer's legitimacy.

Each apartment complex has rules and regulations governing subleasing, even for a weekend.

In the city of Arlington, there are no zoning ordinances specifically addressing short-term rentals, according to a city spokeswman. While homeowners are not prohibited from renting a room or their entire house, they are subject to paying a hotel occupancy tax.


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