DALLAS -- They both fought for their country, and now they are fighting to save a life.

Ricky Homer survived Vietnam, but is losing his battle with a liver disease. The 62-year-old needs a liver transplant soon or he will die.

'We've known. It's just gotten worse,' said grandson Rickey Henderson.

Henderson is in the Army, stationed in Afghanistan, but as soon as he heard the news his grandfather needed help, he asked his commanding officer if he could fly to Dallas to be tested as a possible donor.

'All I know is, I am here to do this to try and help my grandfather,' he said.

If he is a match, Ricky will donate 60 percent of his liver to his grandfather.

'He was a hero to me when I was growing up, he's the one I looked up to, he taught me everything I need to know,' Henderson said. 'So I look at him, and that's my motivation. That's why I want to do it.'

But his grandfather said Ricky is the true hero for leaving his post to do this.

'He's my hero,' Homer said. 'People don't understand what a hero is until something like this happens.'

It's family, honor, courage, and love that now brings these two soldiers together. Now they wait and pray to see if Ricky is a match and the answer to his grandfather's prayers.

The family should find out sometime next week.


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