WAXAHACHIE The wooden bridge at the site of the accident is now splintered and marked with spray paint. It's where life ended for a man who laid his life on the line for the Dallas Police Department for 27 years.

Senior Cpl. David Myers, 56, was off-duty Wednesday afternoon, riding his motorcycle on West Road between FM 55 and FM 877, south of his Waxahachie home. Investigators say they don't yet know why, but Myers' motorcycle ran off the bridge, landing in a creek bed about 12 feet below.

Myers' Facebook page is full of photos that show a man who loved to ride, loved his family, and loved to travel. He was a father and a grandfather.

His final Facebook post is eerie and terribly sad. At 6:50 Tuesday morning, he wrote of a close call on his motorcycle on his way to work a couple hours earlier when a piece of road debris hit him in the shin.

'If you don't believe in God as your protector, you better start,' he wrote. 'If you ride as much as I do, it is not a matter of IF something is going to happen. Just WHEN.'

Less than 36 hours later, Myers was killed. It was unclear whether he was wearing a helmet at the time of the crash.

He was assigned to the Dallas Police Department's traffic section. A friend on the force said David Myers was just an all-around 'nice guy.'


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