DALLAS More than 100,000 party-goers celebrated St. Patrick's Day two days early along Greenville Avenue in Dallas Saturday during the annual parade and street festival.

Revelers may have caught a few sprinkles, but not enough to cut short their celebrations during the afternoon. Saturday night, however, was a different story as storms blanketed North Texas.

As darkness fell over Greenville Avenue, so did heavier rain and bursts of wind and thunder.

'This is not as busy,' said Zoe Carroll. 'I've lived here for 12 yeas.'

Attendance typically hovers around 125,000 for the entire day. Organizers said it's too early to know for sure how many showed up this year, or if the weather impacted how long they stayed.

'This is my first time coming down here,' said 'J.C.' 'I'm from New Orleans. It's different.'

Security at the event was top of mind given what happened earlier this week at South By Southwest in Austin. Two party-goers were killed and two dozen others injured when a suspected drunk driver plowed through a crowded area.

Dallas police said the Austin tragedy didn't change the department's approach to monitoring Greenvile but close to 200 officers watched closely all day long.

As of late afternoon, DPD said it had arrested at least one suspected drunk driver, and seven other people for public intoxication.


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