DALLAS -- Police Chief David Brown fired one officer Tuesday during a disciplinary hearing over the alleged assault of his girlfriend in November 2013.

But the chief delayed making a decision in another case involving an officer who was indicted last week for assault and official oppression over the alleged beating of a fleeing motorist.

Sources say the chief delayed making a decision in the case of Officer Rene Villanueva because he wanted more information from prosecutors.

The chain of events that led to Villanueva's indictment occurred in the early morning hours of Nov. 10, 2013. The confrontation was recorded on dash cam video, and sources say what police supervisors saw on that video prompted a public integrity investigation.

According to arrest records, Villanueva and and other officers were working off duty at a club in the 400 block of South Buckner Boulevard when they saw Ambrosio Monsavais leave a club, get in his truck and begin spinning his tires.

Monsavais, 27, hit two parked cars and drove at an off-duty Dallas County sheriff's deputy, knocking him to the ground.

Monsavais fled as Villanueva chased him in a squad car for about a mile-and-a-half, the records state. Monsavais stopped in the 800 block of Hillburn Drive near Buckner Boulevard.

According to the police records, Villanueva approached the truck with his gun drawn and gave loud commands for Monsavais to show his hands. Monsavais 'lunged forward,' attempting to hit Villanueva with his fist and reached for the center console.

'Fearing that AP [the arrested person] was reaching for a weapon, AO [arresting officer] Villanueva gave AP multiple palm strikes to the side of his head to gain compliance,' the report states. 'AO Villanueva then used a straight arm bar take-down to remove the AP from the vehicle to place handcuffs on.'

Monsavais was arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault on a public servant, evading arrest, resisting arrest, and DWI. He remains in the Dallas County jail.

He was sentenced Tuesday to five years deferred adjudication probation on the aggravated assault. He pleaded guilty to the DWI and evading charges and received jail sentences of 120 days and 90 days, respectively.

The resisting arrest charge was dismissed.

In fired Officer Edgar Garcia-Martinez's case, he has a pending Class A misdemeanor assault charge in connection with the incident that occurred Nov. 29.

Garcia-Martinez's girlfriend told police that they were in the car when he began accusing her of cheating on him. She said he broke her phone, cracked her windshield with his hand, and hit her with the rear view mirror and the combo switch from her steering column.

She also told police that she tried to get out of the vehicle as it was moving and that he grabbed her by the shirt and pulled her back in.


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