WYLIE -- The Wylie student that went missing on a band trip in Indiana came back home Sunday, even as questions remain about what happened to him.

Stephen Colbert, 15, arrived at D/FW Airport Sunday afternoon morning with his parents.

His father said Stephen Colbert's disappearance was likely caused by a few factors, but there are still many unanswered questions about exactly what happened.

The teen was last seen in Indianapolis Thursday night with his classmates from Wiley High School, who were attending a music festival. They reported him missing Friday morning, and he was found Saturday around 11:30 a.m. when a passerby spotted him near a restaurant in Mooresville, Indiana. That's more than 16 miles southwest of the city.

Stephen's father said they're not sure how he got there, or where he stayed the night and his son hasn't shared much of the story. He did provide some insight as to how his son could've gone missing.

'Our belief is there are probably about three things that played a role: One is that he became separated from the group,' Rick Colbert said. '[Two,] he's on this medication that might have played a role -- we're not sure. And then third, we think with the temperatures when he was outside looking for his group, the mounting sense of anxiety, we think all of those things played a role in his confusion.'

Police say Stephen told them he was not abducted or hurt in any way.

His family said they'll make sure the teen gets plenty of rest and visits the doctor in the next week.

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