CROSBY, Texas A Crosby family is packing up and moving Friday to Colorado where marijuana is legal. They're doing it for their 3-year-old girl.

Hannah Loew was diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome, a severe and progressive form of epilepsy, when she was six months old.

Her parents say she has endured more health scares than they can count.

'You're living every day on the edge of your seat not knowing if you're going to have to rush to the emergency room,' explained mother Amber Loew.

Just as they began packing up a U-Haul truck on Thursday another seizure struck. It was so severe that it caused Hannah to stop breathing.

She snapped out of it before an ambulance could pull out of their driveway and her parents got right back to work packing up their belongings.

The Loews have been videotaping Hannah's average daily 50 to 100 seizures. The episodes sometimes last more than an hour.

Hannah has already been on life support three times.

'My wife has saved my daughter's life more times than I can count,' said father Paul Loew.

Amber and Paul Loew say their daughter has been on 12 different prescriptions. They say none have been successful at quelling Hannah's frequent seizures.

The couple feels they have no choice but move and take a chance.

The Loews have heard of several success stories involving medical marijuana and other children suffering from the same syndrome. They believe that medical marijuana could be their answer.

'There is no option to try it. It's you jump in with both feet and go,' said Amber Loew. 'This is not something where my family lives all over the United States. We live in Texas. This is our home, and we're pretty much being forced to leave.'

Paul Loew is hitting the road in a U-Haul truck Friday morning and his wife and children will fly to Colorado Springs next Tuesday.

Hannah already has a doctor's appointment scheduled and her parents plan to start giving her the medical marijuana in just a couple of weeks.

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