The wisdom of a teenager.

It's this week's Uncut commentary.

On more than one occasion, we have featured the story of Trey Sampson, a 13-year-old football fanatic who scored his first and only touchdown last year.

Even then, cancer had ravaged his body, taking an arm in Trey's valiant fight to survive.

But this week, after consulting with his doctors, Trey wrote this message on his Facebook page:

'I just found out I'm gonna die from this stupid cancer I had a nice run thank u [sic] everybody who supported me through my battle thank u I love you guys and girls so fair well I guess.'

You're not supposed to think about death and cancer at 13... That's a time to contemplate staying up late, first dates, become a little frustrated with parents who just don't understand.

On occasion, we are confronted with the inevitable at a much earlier age than anticipated.

Trey Sampson understands that. He told News 8's Janet St. James this week, death 'isn't anything you should be afraid of, because it's going to come one day.'

He's young, but he's right. We are all born with a clocking ticking down the seconds to our own end.

Tomorrow is promised to no one -- not even tonight, for that matter.

This one weekend, make the most of every moment. If not for yourself, then for Trey.

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