This is for everyone who has gotten a parking ticket when the meter runs out or you don't have enough change. Or for those who keep circling or pay the 35-dollars for a parking ticket.

Now you can save money and still park legally. Pay by Phone hit the streets of Dallas late last year and is a convenient way to pay for parking. All you need is your phone.

The parking meter has the traditional parking meter appearance, however it is different. There is a now a green blinking light on the meter with the logo on the front.There is also information of how to pay using your smartphone on the sticker.

First things first. Download the app onto your smartphone and create an account. If you do not own a smartphone, don't worry because there is an option for regular phone users. Users can also log onto the Pay by Phone website and set up an account. Link any major credit card or debit card to the account...Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

When you park, the system works two ways.

1. You can call the number on the meter and pay by phone. You will be instructed to give proper information and your car is covered. This method is not real convenient, but better than a parking ticket.

2. Each parking meter has a location code on the front of the machine. Enter that number in the location box, license plate information and the length of time you want the meter to cover a parked car. A household can have several different cars associated to one account, so make sure the correct car is covered at the time you are parked.

Click to the next page and the confirmation page will allow you to see what is going on. Check location, time on the meter and the the cost to park. Once driver confirms that information, than it is safe to park in that space. The machine will not issue any type of pass to put inside your car.
There is a convenience fee ranging from $.00 to $.45.

-What if you run out of time?
Add more time on a meter by using the phone. The system will also send a text alerts when time runs out. If more time is needed, then with a few clicks more money can be added to the meter meaning more time in the parking space without a ticket.


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