BURLESON -- Thirteen-year-old Cameron Russell has been fighting for his life since the day before Thanksgiving.

After suffering burns to 80 percent of his body, he was first placed in a medically-induced coma. Now, still in the burn unit at Parkland Hospital, he faces months in the hospital and several surgeries.

'They have to get him up to walk,' said his uncle Bruce Seybert. 'They have to force him to, because of his muscles. Otherwise, if he doesn't use them, they are going to stop working. He's in severe pain all the time.'

Cameron and his brother were playing with friends in the backyard of their home in Burleson back on Nov. 27. Investigators say the group poured gasoline over a small fire, causing a flash fire.

Cameron's brother and one other teen was also injured, but not as severely. Cameron's injuries require skin grafts, and each procedure causes him to lose quite a bit of blood.

Even though Seybert's wife works for Carter Blood Care, he said Cameron's accident opened his eyes to a real need not just for Cameron, but others.

'If they're are losing that much blood, times that many patients, it's like -- oh my God, what happens if the blood wasn't there for them?' Seybert said.

So he and his wife organized a blood drive at the Graceview Baptist Church in Burleson. They spread the message online, and dozens of people showed up, rolled up their sleeves, and bared their arms for the cause.

Cindy Duke was one of those people. She said one of her grandchildren attended school with Cameron.

'I had a car accident many moons ago, a long time ago, but I received three units myself,' she said. 'And so I like to donate whenever I can.'

Teacher Christine Dubose said she knows Cameron only in passing. She's a teacher at his school. He was never in her class and until his accident, she didn't know his name, but would speak to him in the hallway.

'He needs help,' Dubose said. 'His family needs help. So why not help?'

People also donated cash, gift and gas cards for Cameron's father. He has three other children and has not been able to work since Cameron's accident.

You can learn more about the injured boys and how to help on this Facebook page.


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