DALLAS Problems with delayed deliveries continued well into Christmas Eve for UPS, which is experiencing a backlog that some customers called 'unacceptable.'

The Warren family from Heath was expecting a special overnight delivery of medicine last Friday. Their 14-year-old son uses it to eat.

''He doesn't have the enzyme to digest sugar,' said Patrick Warren, the teen's father. 'We haven't really had medicine since last Friday or Saturday when we had our last dose.'

But it wasn't until well into Tuesday evening that the family was able to drive to the UPS outlet in Mesquite to finally pick up the package.

'It was just sitting there,' Warren said.

The family's story isn't unique.

From Dallas to Fort Worth, News 8 interviewed other frustrated customers.

'People are really upset in there. They have security guards,' said one woman outside the UPS distribution center in Fort Worth.

It's not as if the delivery giant isn't trying.

Some employees were spotted driving golf carts and rental trucks filled with packages after bigger trucks dropped off packages that were all destined for the same neighborhood.

The delays stem, in part, from a backlog that developed after an ice storm swept through North Texas three weeks ago.

UPS said most of its distribution centers would stay open through Christmas Eve so some customers could pick up their items in person.

The company said only those who actually received confirmation for a pick-up after talking to a customer service representative should take that route, however.


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