We are taught to trust and obey the law, but there is someone or several people in North Texas preying on that very idea, most recently in Denton.

'We want people to trust us so much to be able to call us when they need help, and then when someone impersonates us to take advantage of someone, it breaks that trust a little bit,' said Denton police spokesman Officer Ryan Grelle.

Investigators say Friday morning after 2 a.m., a woman was driving down a dark stretch of Airport Road in Denton. She pulled over for what she believed to be a police car, with a blue light bar flashing.

A man approached the car wearing dark clothes; she rolled down the window; and he lunged at her.

She escaped.

'For her to be able to fight back and get him away from her to where he gets back to his vehicle, he leaves then she leaves... yeah, she was really lucky on that,' Grelle said.

Another woman was not as lucky. The morning of November 21, she was also pulled over by a police impostor on the shoulder of Interstate 35E in Carrollton. She described blue lights on the suspect's dashboard.

'The suspect proceeded to get her out of the vehicle and then proceeded to tell her that she had warrants, and then bring her back to his vehicle where she was assaulted,' said Carrollton police spokeswoman Nicole Rodriguez.

The woman in that case was sexually assaulted. She worked with sketch artists to create a picture of her attacker.

He has not yet been found, but Denton police hesitate to link Friday's incident with the Carrollton case.

'Because it was so dimly lit and she didn't see his face, we can't put two-and-two together right now,' Grelle said.

Both departments will compare notes, working together to get their impostor (or impostors) off the street.

If you have any information on either case, please call 911.


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