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PLANO Giant sheets of ice continue to fall from apartment buildings in Plano.

About a dozen vehicles have been damaged as ice tumbled from multi-story buildings and crashed down on cars below.

Taylor Wier and Megan Whitmire are longtime best friends. Whitmire said she's begging Wier for forgiveness after what happened on her latest visit.

Luckily, Wier is laughing it off. 'Stuff happens, you know?' she said.

Wier's car was one of at least a dozen parked at the apartment complexes at The Shops at Legacy complex where Whitmire lives. Wier was visiting from Austin. She was supposed to drive back Sunday, but was iced in.

On Sunday night, ice melting from Whitmire's apartment building crashed down on Wier's car.

'It started, so it's driveable,' she said. 'My hood is dented in. Insurance can't get to it for a while, so we're going to try to fix my shattered windshield and try to drive it until then.'

Cell phone video caught the dramatic fall of the first sheet of ice Sunday a few blocks away. Sunday night, the ice landed on Wier's car.

Then Monday morning, another sheet hurtled to the ground just up the street.

Jonathan Glover's vehicle was hit, too. He was supposed to have moved out on Saturday, but the ice storm pushed the move back to Monday.

Had the move happened on time, he wouldn't have even been parked on Henry Cook Boulevard. Now his Nissan is likely totaled.

'It's just one of those things that happens,' he said. 'Not a big deal. We've got insurance working on it. Can't blame anybody for it.'

Knowing someone could get hurt, maintenance crews climbed to the roof of the nearby retail and restaurant area. As police blocked off a road, those crews used a homemade shovel to bring down the ice so it didn't come down on its own, as it did around the corner.

Wier and Whitmire weren't home when the ice fell, but Glover was.

'Just a loud crashing sound. It's pretty tore up,' he said, examining his vehicle.

Even though the ice fell from the apartment complex, the complex isn't responsible. The victims have to file a claim with their car insurance.


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