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FORT WORTH After last week's icy storm, it seemed roads in Denton and Tarrant counties saw the worst of the ice.

Sunday, on Interstate 35W north of Fort Worth, you could hear the familiar hum of trucks in traffic. However, this day, the semis were stopped in their tracks.

Russell Maher was among those stuck.

'Since yesterday at noon,' he said.

Maher said in that time, he had moved perhaps about 10 miles.

The ice means delayed routes and plenty of time for drivers to kill.

'Everybody just stopped in the middle of the road last night, so I crawled in the sleep room and waited for things to move,' he said.

Finally, Texas Department of Transportation officials said Sunday afternoon brought the weather it needed to bring out the big guns motor graders.

'It's starting to melt, and we can use our de-icer to get some of that last melt as well,' said TxDOT spokesman Michael Peters. 'Then, the motor graders come through and they're able to blade that off and knock it off the roadway.'

The goal was to chip away at that 'cobblestone' ice buildup.

'It's like potholes in the ice, not potholes in the pavement,' Peters said. 'We've had four to six inches in some places.'

In all, TxDOT's Fort Worth District is running 165 graders and salt trucks. They're focusing on I-35W north of Fort Worth and I-20 to the west. Motorists are being asked to stay home so they can scrape over as much as they can.

They aim to make Monday's drive a little smoother and to make it possible for the stranded trucks to get moving again.


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