DALLAS COUNTY Dallas County sheriff's deputies and SWAT team members have temporarily stopped searching in the dark of night for a dangerous escapee near Seagoville.

Leslie Ellison escaped custody while being moved from the Terrell State Hospital on Saturday after swallowing batteries.

On Tuesday afternoon, authorities thought they spotted Ellison after they chased him in a truck. He fled into a wooded area along Bois D'Arc Road near Combine, in rural Southeast Dallas County.

That prompted a heavy law enforcement presence, including an armored vehicle, search dogs, mounted police and a helicopter.

'It's tough out there,' said sheriff's department Capt. Mark Howard. 'If you want to hide, he picked a good area.'

Authorities suggest that people who live in Combine lock their doors and windows and be on alert overnight.

Ellison, 32, has an extensive criminal history, including assault on a public servant.

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