GRANDVIEW, Texas It looks like an overwhelming mess of insulation and shredded papers. Then it hits you that these are pieces of a life lived here with an ending so tragic some can barely stand to see it.

'The devastation looks like a tornado hit it. This is just a... I don't know how to put the words to it,' said Anthony Broyles, the nephew of the couple who called this particular plot of land in Grandview home.

He can't describe the devastation because use he still can't believe what happened. This was the site of the home Wanda Davis worked so hard to build. A beautiful A-frame that she and her husband Gary called home.

They were the ultimate hosts for their family every season.

'This is where we had 4th of July parties, Thanksgiving dinners, the family Christmas parties,' said Melanie Broyles, Anthony's wife.

Those memories and the chance to make more blew apart in one minute.

Davis, 62, was home alone at 11 p.m. Saturday when her home turned to rubble. Investigators blame a propane gas leak that ignited water heaters for the devastating blast.

They had hoped she wasn't home, but rescue teams found her body on Sunday afternoon.

Broyles had no trouble describing her aunt: 'Sweet, caring, loving... she'd give you the shirt off her back.'

To have her taken in such a shocking way is painful. Both her and the house, just gone.

'The main beam that you see here is the main beam of the house. That's the only main beam I see,' said Anthony Broyles said as he examined the wreckage.

Without much left, the family is trying to dig out what they can to help remember Davis, and the home she created for everyone here.


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