DALLAS - Whether Matthew Lee Johnson lives or dies is now in the hands of 12 jury members.

Johnson was convicted of capital murder for setting a 76-year-old store clerk on fire.

Security cameras captured images of Jonson going into a Garland convenience store and then pouring lighter fluid over Nancy Harris, who was then left to die.

Thursday, a jury deliberated over the sentence, which could range from life in prison without the possibility of parole or death.

'The suffering of Nancy Harris was insurmountable,' said Elaine Evans, a prosecutor for the state.

'What excuse, what cop out does he want to give you?' she continued. 'The 'Drugs made me do it, folks?' That was his excuse every time.'

For an execution to be imposed, 12 jury members must agree Johnson will likely re-offend while in prison and that no mitigating factor throughout his life 'lesson his moral blame-worth. '

'Addiction is a cold cruel mistress,' said said Defense Attorney Catherine Bernard as she addressed the jury. 'And he tried and he tried and he tried, but he never got away from it.'

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