There can be no civilian job more dangerous than being a big city police officer.

We take very seriously their dedication... their commitment to keep all of us safe.

Because officers take an oath to uphold the law and stand as the thin blue line between law-abiding citizens and criminals, we hold them in high esteem and give more credence to their word than the average citizen.

But last week, that trust was damaged.

The videotaped shooting of a mentally ill man by a Dallas officer is more than a little troubling on three levels.

Number one: The official report filed by officers who answered the call appears to be completely at odds with what the videotape shows.

Second: For at least two days last week, supervisors who saw the surveillance video and read the report about what happened did nothing.

They did separate the wounded man from every relative, every friend, and accused him of something the videotape seems to show is little more than fantasy. Charges were dropped only after you got a chance to see the video.

Third: They remain silent, claiming a need to gather all the facts before reaching any conclusions.

Nine days after shooting a citizen and accusing him of a crime the dropped charges suggest he did not commit, there is still no apology to him or his family from the chief of police or from the mayor, who wouldn't even look at the surveillance recording until today.

I believe in the law... the same law that so far in this case appears to have been abandoned by the very people who took an oath to uphold and defend it.

Unfortunately, with the poor handling of this one incident, the word, the testimony of every officer will be called into question, their job made even more dangerous.

This city and the countless officers who do work hard within the law to protect all of us and the wounded former 'suspect' deserve better.

Those are my thoughts; tell me yours.


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