LAKE HIGHLANDS -- Plano Road stretches far south of Plano proper.

'Give people directions to Lake Highlands and tell them Plano Road, and they assume you're far north of where we are,' said Ed Penton, president of the L Streets Neigbhorhood Association.

At some point, it was the road to Plano, but now, it's part of the heart of Lake Highlands and Penton thinks the name should reflect that.

Plano Road becomes Lake Highlands Drive south of Northwest Highway. Penton is proposing to extend that name. He'd like three miles of what's currently called Plano Road to become Lake Highlands Drive. It would stretch all the way past LBJ.

'It adds to the recognition of this part of town, which we would all love to have,' he said.

Penton added that he'd love to have a Lake Highlands Drive exit off LBJ Freeway, 'so the 200,000 or so cars that drive through every day would see it.'

It's early in the proposal process. Neighborhood associations are currently circulating a survey, which can be found at this link. Penton said so far, the responses are overwhelmingly positive -- even from businesses which could incur some costs for updating logos, letterheads, business cards, and websites.

If positive responses continue, Penton will take the next step, which would be drawing up a petition, getting signatures, and approaching city hall.

Amy Messer is an agent with Paradise Slaughter Real Estate. She said a name change would make sense, especially when trying to market the neighborhood.

'Having Plano Road not only confuses residents, but also confuses people who don't know Dallas that well, so it feels like not as much a part of Lake Highlands as the west part of it,' she said. 'I think it would help define Lake Highlands better as a neighborhood.'


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