LEAGUE CITY Police in League City arrested a woman accused of forcing her 10-year-old son to walk alone along the Gulf Freeway frontage road Monday night .

Officers received a report of a child walking on the shoulder at about 8:30 p.m. in the 2100 block of the Gulf Freeway. League City is located about 26 miles southeast of Houston.

Police said the boy was forced out of a vehicle by his mom and told to walk home as a form of punishment.

'The mother and child had some type of argument,' said Officer Reagan Pena, with the League City Police Department.

Garcia drove about 300 feet ahead of her son, but he couldn't see her vehicle because it was dark, according to police.

He walked for at least 10 minutes before a passerby saw him and called police.

Angela Graciela Garcia, 34, was later arrested and charged with abandoning and endangering a child.

'The freeway is not the place to teach your child a lesson,' Officer Pena said. 'A 10-year-old is in no position, in the dark, to be walking home on a major freeway.'

Other drivers agreed.

'It's crazy, very dangerous, not safe at all,' said Julie Truman, a League City resident. 'It's not how I would handle that.'

'The way things are, he could have been kidnapped, killed,' said another woman who didn't want to give her name. 'That's not right. You don't treat children like that. Either take care of your kids or you don't have any.'

Garcia's neighbors were shocked to hear the news.

'I can't believe it,' a neighbor said. 'They are a nice family. The boys are so nice.'

Garcia's bond was set at $7,500.

The League City Police Department is asking for any witnesses to contact Detective Grant at 281-338-4173.

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