There was a flood of applause and a crowd on its feet for State Sen. Wendy Davis (D-Fort Worth) in Austin on Sunday.

Davis sat down for an interview as part of the Texas Tribune Festival at the University of Texas, just a few days before she's expected to announce her run for governor.

But there were no sneak peeks at this event. Davis did not elaborate to the editor of the Tribune on what Thursday's announcement will be.

But what we are getting from her comments at that question-and-answer session is sense of what her coming campaign will focus on, starting with education, and her desire to make it more of a state funding priority.

'We got back $3.4 billion over the biennium in this last legislative session, but we know and I certainly feel strongly that there are so many places where we can be doing better, and we failed to do that,' Sen. Davis said.

She also spoke about her now-famous 11-hour filibuster, and the nationwide attention that her fight against abortion limits drew.

'Somehow that day I tapped into what was a feeling for many young women that they weren't being heard,' she said.

The Democrat called for more cooperation between the two parties at the State Capitol.

'I'd like to see us returning more to that kind of conversation in the State of Texas, and I think people would like to see that,' she said.

Davis said if she does run for statewide public office, she would not raise sales or property taxes.

Are these signs of campaign promises to come? Davis will make her formal official announcement on Thursday in Haltom City, in the same auditorium where she received her high school diploma.

KVUE contributed to this report.


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