HOUSTON -- Recently there was a night of speed dating in cars at Houston's Momentum Porsche in southwest Houston.

It was for the 40-plus crowd.

Speed dating in cars works like this: women sit in the car and men rotate through the cars, spending three minutes with each woman before moving on to the next car and the next potential love interest.

If a man and a woman rank each other as their favorite of the night, it's a match, and they may go on a real date.

'Nothing compares to that face-to-face meeting so we want people to get out of the house,' said Renee Edd of Houston Social Source which hosted the event.

Event organizer Amber Neal of Amber-Neal-the-Matchmaker said this kind of thing actually works.

'Matchmaking is one of the oldest traditions. It's been around way before you or I or our grandparents even thought about it and some cultures still require it,' Neal said.

There were no apparent passionate pairings in Porsches at the recent event.

'I would do it again, maybe for the next event which is for under 40,' said Heidi, an attractive, divorced mother of two who received several high rankings from the men.

'They all had really interesting things about them. The cars were awesome too,' said Tonya, a vivacious daycare owner from whom one man tried to steal a kiss.

Organizers said singles should keep in mind, not every speed date or regular date, for that matter, will be magical but there is value in getting out there and taking test drives. They said the more you date, the more you learn and the better you become at selecting a potential mate.

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