FORT WORTH -- A 25-year-old Fort Worth man was sentenced to five years in prison Monday for slashing the throats of two of his former employer's dogs.

William Skyler Leak was fired from his job as a caretaker at some stables in the 4500 block of Anglin Circle in Fort Worth in July 2012 and ordered to leave a mobile home he was living in on the property. He refused to leave, but was eventually court-ordered to be out by Sept. 25, 2012, according to a Tarrant County District Attorney's office press release.

The next night, Leak broke into the stables and cut the throats of two border collies, one of which was a puppy. He left a note on the bulletin board addressed to the dogs' owner describing the killings as 'absolutely beautiful.' He also threatened the owner.

'If you ever try to find me, you will be in the same situation as your dogs,' he wrote.

Leak reached a plea agreement Monday, pleading guilty to two charges of animal cruelty in exchange for a five-year prison term. He will serve two-and-a-half years before he is eligible for parole.

'William Leak is obviously a very disturbed individual,' prosecutor D.J. Estes said. 'He will have at least the next two-and-a-half years to reflect on the heinous nature of his crime.'

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