SOUTHLAKE - The detection of West Nile has shut down outdoor recess this week at two Southlake elementary schools.

City officials say samples collected in the 700 block of Greymoor Place tested positive for West Nile. The mosquito trap sits just behind Rockenbaugh Elementary School on Carroll Avenue.

There have been no human cases reported and school officials made their decision to adjust recess out of an abundance of caution.

'Just being sure,' said Julie Thannum, a spokeswoman with the district. 'And making sure that if there were any concerns, the parents would rather us err on the side of caution.'

City officials plan to spray for mosquitoes in a two-mile radius around the affected area. Officials urge residents to eliminate standing water at their homes and use insect repellent.

'We keep Off! [mosquito repellent] by all of our doors before the kids go out,' said Mary Obregon, a resident in the area. 'We even get a little sample and put it in their bags too. It's scary. People can get really sick.'

In an effort to allay any concerns over the mosquito spraying, school leaders say they will have the playground equipment cleaned before kids resume outdoor recess.

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