IRVING The land sits idle along State Highway 114 and Cabell Drive in Irving. The location may soon be re-zoned to allow for hundreds of new homes.

A developer named Hines, out of the Houston area, wants to build 670 homes on a 163-acre plot. But to do so, it needs the city to re-zone the land from "airport industrial" to "residential."

"What I've found is people are starving in this area for single-family homes; they want to be in Irving, and they want to be in Coppell ISD," said Mayor Beth Van Duyne.

The Planning and Zoning Department took up the issue in mid-July, but the vote ended in a 4-4 stalemate. The mayor says when the City Council takes up the issue Thursday, it will require a "super majority" of seven votes to change the designation.

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport is fighting the re-zoning, calling it "incompatible land-use for 24-hour aircraft operations."

"Normal DFW flight operations would expose residents of the proposed development to high volumes of noise and other impacts," said Sandy Lancaster, DFW Assistant VP of Environmental Affairs.

Mayor Van Duyne said the proposed homes are valued at $400,000 and up. "The property taxes that would be generated is very significant," she said.

The mayor said the airport has challenged eight other developments in the past, and all eight projects have pushed through.


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