DALLAS - The last of four young men charged in a high-profile animal cruelty case in Dallas was sentenced Friday.

Animal rights activists spoke out after a judge lowered an agreed sentence of five years to two for 19-year-old Darius Ewing, the alleged ringleader in the case of "Justice," a puppy that was set on fire.

Judge Larry Mitchell said prosecutors failed to prove Ewing used a "deadly weapon." Friday, the judge called a hearing to reconsider the deal and Ewing was sentenced to the original agreed five years after prosecutors proved fire was used in the abuse.

Justice was found badly burned after a group doused the Labrador mix puppy with lighter fluid and set him on fire in April of 2012. DFW Rescue Me took the puppy in, but he died days later.

Richard Valentine, Adrian Ayers and Darius Carey also pleaded guilty in the case. Each received shorter sentences than Ewing.

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