OXNARD, California The Dallas Cowboys' new deal with Frisco guarantees that part of training camp each year will be conducted at their new Collin County facility.

But that doesn't mean the team owner Jerry Jones wants to take Oxnard out of the off-season equation.

"I think we'll be coming back here, probably," Jones said. "We're trying to work right now to try and extend it."

The Cowboys are contractually obligated to return to Oxnard next year, so an extension could run into 2016 when the new Frisco facility is scheduled to be complete.

"This isn't like to me coming out here to Southern California like we're trying to experiment," said Jones. "We've been doing this for how many years? Thirty-five years, if you really count Thousand Oaks. This is what we ought to be doing, whether we get a team in Los Angeles or not."

The added travel is a consideration, but Jones has split camps before, and that certainly sounds like the plan for the future.

"We can get it in," Jones said. "You've you got to travel anyway to make these preseason games. We have to travel around during the season, so its just part of getting ready."


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