PLANO -- Siblings of Judith Dzwairo have spent the last several days wishing and wondering they could have done something to help their sister. They are in complete shock as they now make arrangements for a funeral.

Dzwairo was sent to a hospital last week early Friday morning and her husband, Amon Dzwairo, was taken into custody by Plano police.

Judith later died Saturday morning.

"I just want her back -- that's all I kept screaming in the hospital, 'Please, Judith, please. Don't leave us, please!'" said her sister, Fiona Newhouse.

Amon Dzwairo is now at the Collin County Jail on $500,000 bond facing aggravated assault charges coupled with an immigration detainer. The family expects those charges to be upgraded to murder. Plano police tell News 8 it's waiting on a medical examiner's report before making any changes to the charges.

Investigators spent all of last weekend searching through the victim's 2,700-square-foot home in the 700 block of Player Dr., near The Courses at Watters Creek.

"She just wanted make everyone happy, and always had a smile on her face," said her sister, Sandra Usaywevu.

Amon and Judith lived in the home and raised their two kids there. They were originally from Zimbabwe, and friends tell News 8 the family came to the states for opportunity.

On Saturday night, the Zimbabwean community and other friends gathered at the The Grand Hotel in Dallas to pray and collect donations for a family that is now torn apart. People in the community are also shocked by what has happened in this seemingly-friendly home.

"I don't know if I could face him and say anything to [Amon Dzwairo,]" Usaywevu said. "I'm just really angry."

The sisters say Judith said little about her marriage, and was always so willing to care for others. Now they wonder if that was a warning sign.

Newhouse and Usaywevu are now hoping to start up a foundation in their sister's name, a foundation that, they say, would help other victims of domestic violence.

"If something happens just one time, just leave," Newhouse said. "That's the best thing you can do for yourself and your children... Just leave."

Funeral services have not been scheduled as of Friday night. The family is waiting Judith Dzwairo's father to get a visa and arrive from Zimbabwe.


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