SAGINAW -- Officers serving a search warrant at the home of 17-year-old capital murder and attempted capital murder suspect Tyler Holder took a letter addressed to "Mom," red duct tape, condoms, belts, and toilet paper among 153 total items according to the receipt for property seized by the FBI, obtained by News 8.

Holder was shot in the head Tuesday morning after he shot an Arlington detective serving an arrest warrant for capital murder in the case of Saginaw six-year-old Alanna Gallagher, who lived two houses down from Holder in the 600 block of Babbling Brook Drive.

The arrest warrant, obtained by News 8 earlier this week, said Gallagher was sexually assaulted and suffocated before her body, wrapped in a tarp, was dumped in the street less than a mile from her home.

The wounded detective, Charles Lodatto, was moved out of intensive care Thursday. Authorities last said Holder remained in serious condition.

The receipt begins with a "sealed letter addressed to Mom with I love you, I'm sorry," and includes a crumpled up piece of paper with the words "Mom I" on it.

Additionally, authorities took a Timex watch with a purple band with pink-and-green flowers on it, girls necklaces and jewelry, multiple condoms - including at least four that had been used, bedding, plastic and latex gloves, plastic containers and tubing, white ropes with knots tied in them, and paper towels and toilet paper with blood on them.

Technology, including computers, digital cameras, cell phones, and memory cards, was also taken from the house.

The items seized receipt also included "red duct tape with black fabric and white string," burned plastic tubing with red duct tape on it, a "rubber hose with red duct tape with plastic bottles," black plastic trash bags with yellow ties, and at least five plastic Walmart bags.

Alanna Gallagher was found suffocated inside black plastic trash bags with yellow ties, which were inside of a tarp, with red duct tape binding her wrists and ankles and securing Walmart plastic bags around her head. A men's belt tied the tarp around the bags.

The capital murder arrest warrant said authorities were able to track down a roll of toilet paper found inside the trash bags with the girl's body to Costco stores in Texas and California. Holder's mother was a Costco member.

The FBI receipt included a red plastic gasoline can and patio torch fuel, as well.

Alanna's father's car was torched in the family's driveway on July 19.

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