SAGINAW Standing next to each other in a Saginaw park on Wednesday evening, the parents of Alanna Gallagher spoke out for the first time since an arrest was made in the murder of their daughter.

"He was just this kid I would see hanging out on the street after dark," said a visibly shaken Karl Gallagher.

On Tuesday morning, investigators serving an arrest warrant on Tyler Holder, 17, came under fire when Holder refused to cooperate.

Holder was shot in the head and an Arlington police officer on the task force was shot in the leg during the exchange of gunfire.

The Gallaghers live just two doors down from the Holder family. They were shocked and then heartbroken to hear about the officer's injuries.

"That is someone that paid the price of making the neighborhood safer," said Laura Gallagher, Alanna's mother.

The Gallaghers said their only run-in with Holder came a while ago when they suspected him of slashing their tires.

They are in disbelief after learning of the horrific actions described by investigators in two arrest warrants obtained by News 8.

Laura Gallagher has simply refused to read some of the disturbing details.

"I never will," she said. "It won't bring her back."

Alanna's body was found wrapped in a tarp more than three weeks ago.

In warrants, investigators said DNA obtained form Holder matches evidence found on the child's body. There is also other physical evidence, police said.


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