DALLAS Two first-class passengers on an American Airlines jet got into a bloody fist fight during a short flight from San Antonio to Dallas Fort Worth International Airport on Tuesday.

Scott Warren Prascher, 33, of McKinney had been drinking either before or duringAmerican flight 1554 before it arrived at 6 p.m. on April 30, according to a report from DFW Airport Police.

Deacon Cooper, also 33, said Prascher was sitting across the aisle from him in first-class and kept interrupting Cooper's conversation with another passenger.

"Cooper stated that Prascher was extremely intoxicated and would not stop cursing and bothering him," the police report stated. "When Prascher called Cooper a 'fat f**ker,' Cooper stated he had enough and backhanded Prascher in the face with his right hand."

Prascher then removed his seat belt and jumped on top of Cooper trying to hit him, police said. Cooper never left his seat, according to investigators.

A witnesstold News 8 thathe and a U.S. Army brigadier general aboard the flightpulled Prascher off Cooper and held him down until the plane arrived at Terminal A,Gate 33.

The American Airlines captain radioed the FAA Tower of the incident and two D/FW Airport police officers were awaiting the flight.

Officers said Cooper had Prascher's blood on his face and shirt.

The FBI declined to prosecute Cooper for assault and released him, the report stated.

But D/FW Airport Police charged Prascher with public intoxication. The McKinney man did not immediately return messages left for him.

Cooper, who was not charged, said he is considering his legal options.


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