DALLAS The mother of a five-month-old baby girl who police say died of abuse told News 8 Wednesday her husband drank a lot and "resented" the child.

Maria Zuniga is deaf. She answered our questions using a sign language interpreter.

Richardson police investigators said she failed to stop her husband, Hector Quinones, from repeatedly hitting the baby's head on a counter.

Zuniga told News 8 that Quinones who has some slight hearing hurt the baby while she was asleep.

"And now, I'm just going to miss my baby," Zuniga said through the interpreter. "I would never have hurt her. I'd never spanked her, touched her in a bad way, never hurt her."

Zuniga said she and her husband argued about taking the baby to a hospital. When they finally did, doctors called police.

Quinones faces a capital murder charge.

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