DALLAS Some members of the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas have come forward and offered leads to the task force investigating the murders of Kaufamn County's district attorney, his wife and one of his top prosecutors, according to a law enforcement source speaking on condition of anonymity.

At this point, none of those leads have checked out, the source said, but the law enforcement task force is currently flooded with tips, investigators told News 8.

Separately, deputies arrested Nick Morale, 56, on Wednesday for making terroristic threats against a Kaufman County official. Morale is not believed to be affiliated with any white supremacy groups.

Publicly, Kaufman County Sheriff's Department spokesman Lt. Justin Lewis would not identify the official or expound on the comment, but News 8 has learned Morale is accused of saying "the judge is next." Exactly whom Morale was referring to remains uncertain but another judge is keeping him in jail with a bond of $1 million.

Sources said Morale is currently considered a suspect in the murders of District Attorney Mike McLelland and his wife, but could eventually be ruled out.

However, at Wednesday afternoon's news conference, Lt. Lewis said Morale was not considered a suspect in the case.


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