We were in Arizona last week and left a day too early.

Rangers announce Friday that general manager Jon Daniels is the team president now, and president Nolan Ryan is the CEO.

And apparently Ryan's not happy about it, and plans to leave.

Ryan is an iconic, legendary, historic... I need more adjectives to describe his place in Texas sports. He's the face of that franchise and gave it the credibility that team had been searching for for almost 40 years.

But if he's unhappy about the change and he wants to leave, I think the Rangers will be just fine.

Jon Daniels built this team; Jon Daniels is the future; and if it's a choice between Ryan and Daniels (and Ryan is apparently the one making it so), you choose Daniels.

Now Ryan has done some great things for the Rangers, but I don't think he's done as much as some of you think.

And I've heard the complaints in that Rangers front office that sometimes he does too much... he makes the decisions that should be left to others... he hires people instead of promoting the ones he has.

It's a common problem in a lot of businesses... certainly in sports.

Rangers ownership did not push Ryan out. Owner Bob Simpson says he wants Ryan to stay, says it would be a tragedy if he doesn't.

But I think the ownership is trying to do the right thing, and doing more than most owners would to make Ryan happy and keep Jon Daniels happy, too and that's not easy.

Complain all you want. but I know this: Every Rangers fan who is so upset now... so concerned about losing Nolan Ryan... if they win... if the Rangers win... it's all forgotten and forgiven.

If they don't win, well, move over Jerry... Bob Simpson's coming.


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