Keller resident Myeshia Taylor spends a good chunk of her time in the emergency room. She's a physician, so when her daughter took up an interest in a Disney cartoon about a black girl who wants to be a doctor, Taylor was thrilled.

"I thought, she, the show might be very superficial, but actually it is very educational," she said.

The show is Doc McStuffins. It's resonating among children and some doctors, who say that it could help improve the country's low rate of black women doctors, a group that makes up just 2 percent of the nation's physicians.

As such, she helped create the We are Doc McStuffins movement, spreading the word using Facebook and Twitter.

"We put together a collage of our images to send to Disney and brown bag films to say thank you for creating this show," she said.

From that collage came guest appearances for Taylor and other doctors real life examples of Doc McStuffins who talked to kids about their careers.

"I am an emergency physician, and what that means is I see you when you are hurt and you need someone to look at you right away," Taylor told one group of kids last week.

"This little girl is aspiring to be an intellectual professional, not an entertainer. Not that there is anything wrong with an entertainer or sports, everybody can't do that. But if you work hard enough, you can go to medical school. You can be a doctor," Taylor said.

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