DALLAS It's something you see only in about one in every 10 million births a white buffalo.

One of these rare animals now has an address on Riverfront Boulevard in downtown Dallas.

Fuel City showed off "Lone Star" on Saturday, four-year-old rare white buffalo it just received.

The gas station and convenience store is known as "the ranch in downtown Dallas" for its herd of Texas longhorns and its donkeys in a field adjacent to the Trinity River levee.

White buffalo are sacred to Native Americans, and that's one reason Fuel City owner John Benda wanted to have one.

"I think it it's something that brings people out," he said. "Most people probably won't see a white buffalo in their life because they are rare."

Lone Star is pregnant and due this summer. It isn't yet known if the baby will be white or black, but it already has a name: "Dallas."

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