IRVING Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett says it's his decision who will be the offensive play-caller next season.

He's just not ready to tell us yet who it will be.

"We're going to work through the mechanics of that here in the off-season," Garrett said. "I don't want to definitively say that one way or another."

Garrett took over the Cowboys' offensive coordinator duties in 2007, and says since he took over the head coaching job midway through 2010, he has continued to delegate more of his old responsibilities.

"We're trying to evolve to where we can turn it over a little bit, and we'll work on those mechanics as this off-season plays out," Garrett said.

Garrett met with the media Wednesday, and when he wasn't dodging play-calling questions, he was trying to fight the perception that team owner Jerry Jones has been spearheading all the off-season changes at Valley Ranch, thereby undermining Garrett's authority.

So, what about Cowboys owner Jerry Jones? Who does he want calling plays?

"You'll have to ask him that," Garrett responded.

We did just that in Mobile, Alabama last month when Jones was at the Senior Bowl. Going against the grain of what he has said in recent years, Jones made the case for Garrett giving up the duties.

"We've got and are getting coaches that will allow us to have Jason's skill and benefit if we go in that direction to be more focused on every aspect of the team," Jones said.

So while we wait for the final word on a play-caller, Garrett made this clear on Wednesday: His offense had a chance to drive the length of the field against the Redskins and win a division title in the Cowboys' season finale.

And they weren't good enough.

And for now, at least, that's who they are.


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