ARLINGTON -- Rail work on the Union Pacific line that runs through Arlington is expected to cause nothing short of a traffic nightmare.

Starting Thursday and Friday, a series of rail crossings on popular streets like Collins, Mesquite, Cooper, and Davis will be closed 24 hours a day, seven days a week so Union Pacific can fix up the aging track.

"It is going to be a mess, we will have to try some of the back roads," said commuter Hong Nguyen.

The city said it hopes drivers tune into its website,, where 27 traffic cameras are linked.

Some popular routes like Green Oaks, Fielder, and West are staying open. But if it looks bumper-to-bumper, city spokeswoman Rebecca Rodriguez said drivers should think about other alternatives.

"Think about roads as far west as 820 and as far east as 161," she said. "Go to the perimeter and work your way toward the center."

Some of the roads, like Cooper, see at least 60,000 cars come and go every day.

Emergency crews are staffing on both sides of the tracks to cut down on response times.

Most of the crossings should reopen by early next week.


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