DALLAS -- Beverly Kirk, 43, died of blunt force trauma while trying to cross the street in the 9900 block of Bruton Road early Sunday morning.

She stepped out in front of the moving patrol car driven by Officer Bryan Crenshaw.

Dallas Police Chief David Brown said the department has one of the strictest driving policies in the country.

His speed is important, because the policy will dictate whether or not he was allowed to go beyond the speed, Brown said. Since he didn't have his lights and sirens on, he would have to follow the speed limit.

Situations that warrant officers going beyond the speed limit and having lights and sirens activated would be during an officer down call, which is an obvious extreme emergency.

The speed limit on Bruton Road is 35 miles per hour.

There are no tire marks to show the officer tried to stop.Accident investigators are trying to determine if there was a cross walk at the accident scene.Another question that will be answered deals with how closely the patrol car was following the ambulance.

We'll have dash cam video of the distance and the same computer will tell us the speed as well, Brown said.

The officer's patrol car did not have sirens and lights while responding to a disturbance call, which is procedure.

The ambulance traveling ahead of the officer did activate its lights and sirens.

Dallas Police should know in three days whether the officer did anything wrong and the results of the victim's toxicology tests.

Our condolences go out to this family because no issue that we can find can bring back their loved one, Brown said. We are really sorry that that happened.

Officer Crenshaw has no disciplinary record.He joined the Dallas Police force in 2008. He is on paid temporary administrative leave pending the investigation.


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