DALLAS - It's the video that's gone viral.

Texas voters who've watched Governor Rick Perry a long time know he can get excited in some speeches. But in an address Friday night in New Hampshire, Perry appeared almost giddy at times.

It comes as he tries to re-establish himself as a frontrunner presidential candidate.

Perry spoke to a traditional values non-profit group, delivering a 25 minute stump speech with the governor very animated at times.

Perry told them, I come from a state where they had this little place called the Alamo and they declared victory or death. You know we're kind of in to those slogans, man, like 'live free or die' or 'victory or death.' Bring it!

Edited segments of the speech went viral such as Perry describing his tax plan, Or, that. 20 percent flat tax, put it on there, take your deductions off, send it in. Even Tim Geithner can get his taxes in on time with this, I'm telling you.

Asked about Perry's delivery, his campaign told WFAA the governor was being passionate.

Perry's frequently been enthusiastic before friendly crowds over the years.

In 1998, the former Aggie yell leader tried, unsuccessfully, to lead the state GOP convention in a cheer.

At last year's convention, his excited response to a delegate who wanted to ask a question got snapped up by
Democratic bloggers wanting to make a video point about not debating.

Perry admits he's not a good debater and obviously puts his energy into his retail campaigning more than ever.


Watch Gov. Perry's complete address in New Hampshire:

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