Q: Hey Shelly! I am 34 weeks pregnant and I know you just had your baby! My question is, how did you lose the baby weight so fast? You look amazing on air...thinner than before you were pregnant!
A: I let it go for the first 6 weeks, and kicked it into high gear after that. I did a lot of walks with the baby and core classes at Exhale once a week. They are killer, and awesome for toning up the core, (which a post pregger really needs!) Most of all, I wrote down everything I ate so I wouldn't overeat. That probably helped the most.

Q: Shelly, i know your married. how long you been married?? and, how children have you got??
A: Married for 4 years, we have one baby boy!

Q: Will you ever post pictures from your trip to South Africa?
A: I might post a few on my Facebook page, when I get a chance. Go like,

Q: When will WFAA release an iPad app? I can access your website from my iPad but it would be great if there was an app. It is hard to read the iPhone app on my iPad!!
A: The great minds at Channel 8 tell me this is top secret. Standby for a real answer soon!

Q: Is George Riba really as nice off air as he seem on air?
A: NICER. The guy is wonderful. He runs marathons, too. A morning jog for him is 10 miles.

Q: What color of pink lipstick do you wear and what brand?
A: I mix so many lipsticks it's not even funny. But I love the cheap stuff. Sunburst by Sally Hansen Natural Beauty is a favorite. (But you have to add gloss!)

Q: Where can I get me one of those WFAA CH8 caps or coffee cups? You guys are the best!!!!!!!!
A: I think you can buy them from our community services department. Try emailing

Q: This a legit question, I heard it asked of Johnny Carson years ago, and he answered it honestly as I am hoping you do. Do you wear pjs to bed, or not and if so are we talking real pjs, or your birthday suite. Johnny had a great answer, he revealed that he slept in the buff because he felt like there were to many change of clothes in one day as it were.
A: I wear PJ's all the way. Love pajama pants.

Q: Shelly, I am a bundle of emotion. Movies make me cry. Almost any emotional event good or bad can choke me up. How do you and other newscasters control your emotions? How difficult is it to keep from getting choked up during an emotional story. Thanks.
A: That's a great question. Sometimes I pre-read the story over and over again for practice so I don't loose it. There are times where I tell the producer to please pass it off to another anchor, because it hits too close to home. I've noticed that children stories tear me apart now that I am a mom. I actually get mad, or really upset behind the scenes. But at the end of the day, my job is to be a professional, unbiased reporter. So I kick that into high gear!

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