WEATHERFORD -Jeffrey Maxwell, 58, was arraigned Wednesday morning in a Weatherford courtroom, but mainly he was lectured to, and accused of trying to delay his trial.

Maxwell has become a notorious and mysterious figure. He is accused of kidnapping and brutalizing a Parker County woman back in March. Investigators said he held her captive for 11 days. Then he allegedly burned her home and took her captive in his farm house. Police said his Corsicana farm house served as a torture chamber.

In court on Wednesday, a bailiff kept him from falling on his face after he stumbled into the room. Maxwell was shackled and disheveled.

District Judge Trey Loftin previously denied him a court appointed attorney because the judge declared Maxwell had enough assets to hire one. Maxwell has not followed instructions and found an attorney.

The judge did not have sympathy for the man who appeared confused.

You still have just under $200,000 in assets, according to your own affidavit, said Judge Loftin.

Maxwell replied in a mumbled tone that he did not have his medication and that he did not complete the paperwork required by the court.

The judge appointed a lawyer for Maxwell, but told him his assets could be used to pay for the attorney and the county could sue him to collect the money.

Maxwell said fine with me, and then was taken back to jail, where he reportedly sits silently in his cell.

He faces one count of aggravated kidnapping, two counts of aggravated sexual assault and arson.


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