Students bragged about it, and that's what ultimately led police to a Kennedale High School teacher who, they say, had sex with five students.

Police said the offenses took place inside the Arlington home of 27-year-old English teacher Brittni Colleps.

A student told News 8 that one of the teenage boys who was involved was bragging about what happened and another student put the scandalous claim in her diary.

When another teacher found the diary in a classroom, she says, the school notified police.

Brittni Colleps' Web site said she was excited about her first school year and looked forward to meeting everyone.

Her photo has now been pulled from the school's Web site. Now the public now knows her by a mugshot taken by Arlington police.

Colleps is accused of having consensual sex with five Kennedale High School students at her home on multiple occasions. At least four of the students involved are football players, and all were described by a friend as honor roll students.

According to an affidavit, Colleps sent sexually explicit photos and text messages, and one student's phone contained a video clip portraying sexual activity with the teacher.

Colleps' neighbors said they had no idea what was going on.

It's a surprise, of course. You never think it will happen in your neighborhood said Sherry Berthiaume. It's just so sad.

One of the biggest questions for those neighbors now is where Colleps' children were during the alleged offenses. She has, one neighbor told News 8, two little girls and a little boy.

When News 8 visited the home of Colleps' mother on Monday afternoon, she hustled a child and suitcase into a waiting car and then declined comment.

Colleps faces five felony counts of improper relationship with a student. The case will now go to the district attorney's office.

Colleps' husband has not yet made a public statement. He has reportedly served in the Army and, according to one friend, had recently been in Louisiana awaiting discharge.


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