FORT WORTH - A Fort Worth parent is no longer allowed to make presentations on campus.

She was supposed to talk about Iridology - the diagnosing of illness by looking at the color of the eye.

She showedstudents at Friendship Elementary Schoolsome photos that parents have labeled disturbing.

Denee Stockman told news 8, she was there when the Iridologist showed photos of parasites and dead, naked bodies to a third grade class at Keller s Friendship Elementary on Friday.

It was absolutely appalling and disturbing, and I cannot believe that 3 classes, three teachers before this didn't put a stop to it, said Stockman, parent.

The iridologist told News 8, she never thought twice about showing graphic medical pictures of parasites to 9-year-olds.

News 8 is not revealing her name. She has a child in third grade and said he has seen the photos in the past.

I didn't think I was doing anything wrong, the iridologist said. I just showed them pictures of worms that can be in the body as well.

She apologized and said she was not trying to scare children by showing photos of worms.

News 8 asked if worms coming out of a human body are different than a worm on a sidewalk. She responded, This is true, but there is still the fact that it's a worm.

Friendship Elementary officials sent home a letter admitting the photos were not age appropriate and may have caused distress.

The Keller Independent School district told News 8 that it is now rigorously screening all future presentations and offering an apology and explanation to parents and students.

Arbrey Stockman said he went to the school on Wednesday and made several phone calls.

They had the opportunity to apologize to me right there, and it wasn't done, said Arbrey, parent.

Stockman is a Marine, and he said he gagged when he saw the photos online. When he opened his son s backpack and found the letter, he was surprised it took four school days to hear anything from the school.

The Stockmans are still waiting for a formal apology. Mrs. Stockman also wants to know who let an iridologist on campus without asking what she might show 3rd graders.


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