GRAFORD, Texas There are frightening new numbers on the damage from the North Texas wildfires.

The size of those fires has more than doubled since Friday. Two fires on the west side of Possum Kingdom Lake combined Saturday to make one larger fire.

On the east side of the lake, a blaze near the town of Graford is also expanding.

It's scary, said property owner Terry Nowak. It's a lot to intake.

On Saturday, more badly needed crews arrived from neighboring states with bulldozers and other desperately needed equipment.

It keeps moving, said volunteer firefighter Diane Ranft. The terrain is difficult, it's hard to move!

Nowak continued to watch as firefighters stopped the flames just feet from her family's home.

It's hard, very hard, she said. Everything our grandparents put into this.

For a fourth day, the wildfires in North Texas raged largely out of control, although calmer winds have helped crews.

Hundreds more residents were evacuated as a precaution after two large fires in western Palo Pinto County merged overnight and doubled in size.

The flames have already scorched more than 45,000 acres and incinerated at least 30 homes.

Bobbie Worsham watched as flames consumed the First Baptist Church of Possum Kingdom Lake.

It hurts, it breaks your heart, she said. It was probably done in about 30 minutes. It went that fast. When it started, it started.

Still the faith of Worsham and other church members is firm. Pastor Dennis Trammell said he will hold Sunday services at the site of the charred sanctuary.

It's just hard knowing folks have invested time, energy, and lives... and now it's gone.

Still, with the church smoldering and more flames looming, fear has not yet passed.

We're not taking any more chances ... trying to prevent what happened to the church, said Rick Williams.

So the fight continues, even with so much already lost.

The American Red Cross is helping families who have been evacuated or who have lost their homes to the wildfires. The agency opened shelters and is supplying items for basic needs.


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