ARLINGTON Super Bowl XLV may still be a week away, but fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers were starting to arrive in North Texas on Sunday for a week of fun which will be interrupted by a spell of bitterly cold and wet weather.

It couldn't have been more spring-like outside Cowboys Stadium, where Steelers and Packers fans gawked in awe at the site of the big game.

We found cheese heads on Harleys (what's more Wisconsin than that?) and Steelers fans coming out by the ton Sunday.

Some have traveled to Texas for the Super Bowl; others are recent Pennsylvania transplants who've been hanging on to their Terrible Towels just waiting for this moment.

Some have defaced the towel ... stamped on it... our opponents... and it becomes very much like a voodoo situation, said Steelers fan Ken Barnard, holding his bright yellow Terrible Towel. It will backfire on them, so you have to be careful; this does have power with it.

We didn't talk to anyone who actually had a ticket to the Super Bowl; everyone said it was way beyond their budgets.

One woman said she did have a pass to stand outside Cowboys Stadium in the Party Plaza. She said she paid nearly twice the $200 face value just to be a part of the Super Bowl scene, and said she was thrilled.

But even Green Bay backers won't likely be thrilled with what's headed our way later this week bitterly cold weather will be greeting fans and the teams, and the mercury will be plunging by Tuesday.

Showers and thunderstorms will be erupting over North Texas late Monday night as a cold front envelops the region.

Heavy rain for Dallas County and points to the east; ice is off to the west, said WFAA meteorologist Steve McCauley. That has prompted the National Weather Service to issue a Winter Storm Watch starting late Monday for an area just to the northwest of Dallas and Fort Worth.

McCauley said the storm should leave the Dallas-Fort Worth area very quickly on Tuesday morning. That is the saving grace, at least as far as a devastating ice storm is concerned, the forecaster said. This is not going to last all that long; ten o'clock in the morning, it's just about over with.

There may be a few wind-driven snow flurries in the afternoon, McCauley added. But areas to the northwest of Fort Worth and Denton could see as much as a quarter-inch of ice accumulation, but there's still a possibility of very light accumulation in Dallas-Fort Worth.

It will be bitterly cold on Tuesday afternoon, with wind chill factors in the single digits in North Texas. On Wednesday morning, the wind chill readings will be below zero.

This is going to be a brutal cold snap in North Texas, McCauley said.

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