Close to a year ago, Lisa Linehan launched a plan.

She wanted to get married.

Using a little ingenuity, the World Wide Web and passion, she launched Project Husband.

Linehan's goal was to tie the knot on February 15, the same date her grandparents wed years ago.

She has the dress, the church, and even the ring ready to go, but her big day is about to become someone else's.

It's now been nearly a year since Linehan vowed she would marry the man of her dreams.

Since then, she's had to kiss a lot of frogs, but still no prince has materialized.

I went out with over 80 different guys, and the main thing I learned is that girls fall in love with the idea of the wedding way before guys ever do, Linehan said.

She received more than 56,000 views of a video that showed her singing about her quest for a groom.

We showed you how bridal businesses donated her wedding dress and the wedding cake and the wedding ring but there will be no wedding for Lisa Linehan.

I could have just done it to do it, but that's not what its about for me, she said.

It's about finding her soul mate, like her grandparents did. They were married for 46 years. February 15 is their wedding anniversary.

That's why Linehan was so determined to walk down the aisle on the same date.

But since her quest didn't turn up Mr. Right, she wants to do the right thing.

I have a social work background, and I love to see good things happen in the community, she said, so I thought if I'm not ready to get married, then someone else should get married.

A wedding giveaway is in the works. Couples with an interest just need to go to Project Husband to share their love story.

The ideal couple is a couple that is completely in love and can demonstrate that commitment and that inspiration to all of us who are looking or who are in relationships, Linehan said.

In the meantime, Linehan will continue responding to potential suitors, because she won't give up on love.

Couples can upload their stories and their photos to Project Husband online. Visitors can vote all over the world and choose who will get this free wedding balued at $55,000.

Linehan hopes to have the big announcement by the end of next month.


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