ARLINGTON The closer the city gets to hosting Super Bowl XLV, the more expensive parking spacesaround the stadium have become.

Some lots across from Cowboys Stadium sold out at $500 to $550 a spot.

The owner says he has a few spaces in that same lot, but they are listed on the Internet for $990 each starting Wednesday.

Hank Wendorf owns the parking lot and is also a ticket broker. He says the cost of seats is also soaring.

It's about $2,600 to $2,700 right now to get into the game for an upper level seat, Wendorf said, noting that the market has driven up ticket prices 20 to 30 percent in the last week alone.

Center Point Church, located 1.2 miles down Collins Street, has canceled services on Super Bowl Sunday due to the expectation of increased traffic. The church will subsidize missed tithes by selling parking spots for $82.50 each.

The biggest parking bargain is still right across from the stadium at the Lincoln Square shopping center.

We say Free parking with a customer purchase , said Pam Dawson, Lincoln Square manager.

The shopping center will let customers park in exchange for a $75 purchase at any of its businesses. Make the purchase, leave the receipt on the dashboard, and the parking is free.

The center uses the same deal during the regular season, except you only had to spend $40 to park for free.

We raised it because merchants expected that, Dawson said. It is the Super Bowl.

The idea is to generate business for Arlington merchants who survived lean times and finally made it to the Super Bowl.


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